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Welcome to Apex Billing Solutions, Inc.

Welcome to Apex Billing Solutions, Inc. Our company was started in December of 2007. Our goal is to provide exceptional service to our clients and their patients with the highest level of ethical and professional conduct.


At Apex our motto is to be EXCEPTIONAL!


E           Efficient- At Apex we aim for efficiency in all of our operations

X          Excellence- At Apex we provide excellence to our clients, their patients, and our employees

C          CommunicationAt  Apex we believe communication is a vital part of a company’s success

E          Ethical- At Apex we always adhere to ethical standards of practice


P         Professional and Personable- Our staff conducts themselves in a professional and personable  manner


T           Technology- We continue to use advanced technology in the medical field to provide the most up to date resources to our clients

I            Invested- At Apex every member of our team is invested in the success of our clients and in our company

O          Opportunity- At Apex we value every opportunity for growth, and improvement to strive to be better in what we do

N           Nurture- At Apex we believe in cultivating an environment that nurtures our clients, their patient’s and our employees

A          Accuracy- At Apex we focus on accuracy with every detail in the tasks we perform

L          Learning- We recognize the changing laws & regulations within our industry. Individually and as a company we are committed to continued learning and promote staff development


Our Mission:

At Apex Billing Solutions our mission is to evaluate and understand the unique needs of our clients. Our software system offers flexibility to meet each practice’s requirements. Whether auditing patient accounts for accuracy or researching and resolving billing issues, our trained
staff offers the highest quality of service. We ensure the positive experience each patient has at the practice is complimented with our accurate and effective medical billing and practice
ment system.  T
hrough quarterly newsletters, webinars and email announcements we keep our clients informed on the most recent healthcare issues and reimbursements to allow the providers to focus on the care of their patients. Apex Billing Solutions is committed to developing a rewarding partnership with each of our clients to ensure we fulfill their business
needs. Our client’s success is our top